13 International Speakers + SMX Sydney Agenda now “Live”

Three things to let you know about today,

1. Thirteen International Speakers Announced, see below.
2. Full SMX Sydney agenda now online – Check it out here
3. 25% Discount still valid – Use this link to book, offer ends @ the ends March 30, 2012, so hurry.

International Speakers

Today we are announcing the 13 of our confirmed international speakers, we pride ourselves on both the quality of content and speakers. 2012 is a landmark year for us as we have our largest contingent of International speakers ever – 14 in all, 13 of those are listed below with the last one to be announced shortly.

Online Marketer Sydney 2012 – 2nd speaker announcement

Today we are announcing two more of our twelve confirmed international speakers. Both of our speakers we are announcing today are coming to our Sydney event for the very first time.

The first Speaker we would like to welcome into the Online Marketer family is Christine Churchill of KeyRelevance which is based in Texas. Those of you that have been in search marketing for a few years will recognise Christine’s name, Christine has over ten years experience in online marketing and is a regular speaker at Search Marketing Expo in the US. Her expertise includes Keyword Research, Paid Search, quite an array of skills.

There is a great interview with Christine thats worth a read over at SEOChicks or watch this video that gives you a nice insight into the way Christine presents.

Our second international speaker to be announced today is Michael King, Michael’s expertise includes SEO, Integrated Search, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital Brand Strategy, Analytics & Music Marketing.

To get an idea of Mike’s style you read this great piece written on Scrape Rate and Shareability Rates.

We have Christine & Mike scheduled to speak on a wide variety of topics at Search Marketing Expo, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Social Marketer Workshop and the Advanced SEO Workshop.

All in all there will be seven events to choose from, ranging from the basics at Boot-Camp right through to hard core SEO with the Elite SEO Workshop.

Here are few useful links:

Last but not least, a deal!

You can continue to get our Pre-Agenda Early bird discount of 35% off any of our event option by simply booking before the end of February.

Stay tuned for our next International Speaker announcements coming up next week.

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Manny Rivas, aimClear

Revealed: Which Video Platforms Get Results in Universal SERPs

By Manny Rivas

You may think that YouTube is the only game in town, but it is not. Google, and to a greater extent Bing, source hundreds of channels to populate organic universal  SERPs. This post shares data from our study to reveal the extent that platforms (YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc…) comprise unversal SERPs.   The second installment will be offered as a white paper download next month. It’s a blockbuster featuring a correlation study of query intent, tagging, and how the combination effects a video’s chances in Google and Bing SERPs. We’ll announce the white paper’s release in a SearchEngineLand article in early April.

Which Platforms Get Results
All over the globe, marketers long to see their videos display in key search engines for important keyword searches. The objective of this portion of the study was to understand what video platforms are sourced the most by Google and Bing in universal SERPs and in what percentage. We understood YouTube would play a significant role, but how big of a role and do other platforms even matter for ranking in universal SERPs?

To begin we identified 978 keywords using the YouTube keyword research tool. These keywords were selected based on their search frequency under 24 pre-defined categories.

We then ran the keyword bucket in both Google and Bing and documented every instance of video thumbnails and associated data in the SERPs. The same keyword set was put through a number of video sharing platforms and 1st page SERP ranking for each video was recorded.

Tested platforms:

It’s important to understand video is displayed in very different ways between Google and Bing universal SERPs. Within Google results we saw video thumbnails in 11 different formats or video “packs” being displayed. Below are a few of the variations we came across in Google.

Google Packs

Bing on the other hand only showed one formation, a pack of four.

What Were The Results?

We understood coming into the study YouTube would play a significant role in both Bing and Google and the data confirmed our beliefs. What’s interesting to note here is the percentage breakout difference between search engines. Not only that, but in general video was returned far less in Bing than in Google. The keyword set used here brought back a total of 2051 videos in Google and 156 in Bing.

Google Universal Video SERPs Platform Allocation

The ‘other 10%’ consisted of over 100 different video sites as well as sites internally hosting their video. These sites ranged from Vimeo, Howcast, Hulu, College Humor, IGN, to name a few.

Bing Universal Video SERPs Platform Allocation



Originally posted on the Aimclear Blog.