eMetrics Summit

The Art and Science of Digital Marketing Management

Join us at eMetrics Summit in Sydney to learn about the techniques and tools to streamline customer acquisition, conversion and retention to make more, spend less and increase customer satisfaction.

Join marketers, e commerce managers, web analysts, usability specialists, and Jim Sterne, Founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and Chairman of the Web Analytics Association for two days of insightful content.

Keynote Speaker

Jim Sterne, Founder and Chair of Toronto eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Jim Sterne, Target Marketing
Founder and Chair of eMetrics and the Web Analytics Association, CEO Target MarketingKeynote: The Human Side of Marketing Analytics

Leveraging Customer Interaction Data in a Connected World

This conference is designed to educate, inform and inspire. With eight years of practice, the Online Marketer Marketing Optimization Summit is finally good enough for Sydney.

Top speakers, in-depth roundtables and the best serious networking. Come to listen, learn and share.

Bid Management, Email Analytics, Landing Page Critiques, Automated Lead Cultivation, Conversion Optimisation, Content Targeting, Optimising Non-E- commerce Sites, Predictive Analytics, Organisational Change Management and much more.

Previous Speakers include:

  • Martin L Walsh, Head of Digital Marketing – IBM
  • Hurol Inan, Managing Director – Bienalto
  • Rod Jacka, Managing Director – Panalysis
  • Will Scully-Power, Managing Director – Datarati
  • Karina Sant’Ana, Product and Analytics Manager, Fairfax Digital
  • Andrew Rodrigues, Head of SEO, HotelClub

Come to the Online Marketer Marketing Optimization Summit in Sydney and learn how to turn customer touchpoint data into insight… whether it’s search terms, ad response, web behaviour, customer satisfaction, mobile activities, social media attitude or transactions.

What is Marketing Optimisation?

Tools and techniques to streamline customer acquisition, conversion and retention to make more, spend less and increase customer satisfaction.

What will I learn at Online Marketer?

Online Marketer is the premiere global conference focused on improving the results of your digital marketing investment. You will learn how leading marketers and information technology executives are increasing marketing ROI through optimisation of campaigns, communications, content, and overall customer experience. You will learn from colleagues, associates and friends from sharing successes, challenges and proven techniques.

This is your year to:

  • Optimise marketing value
  • Optimise awareness & acquisition
  • Optimise persuasion
  • Optimise retention & loyalty
  • Optimise your value to your company