4 Clouds Tools Your Marketing Team Should Be Using

If you are working in a marketing team, you might have experienced that most things are beyond your control. The simple reason may be that you are not equipped with tools that are used for ensuring maximum productivity and transparency. Tools generate data that help in taking more cost-efficient and accurate decisions. Here are four clouds tools that aid in boosting the productivity of marketing

  1. Workflow Max For Workflow Management

Irrespective of the size of your business, your marketing team needs tracking of discussions, assets, tasks, projects and assignments. It is essential to have a workflow management platform that can help you in consolidating tasks into a single integrated service. While you are selecting an app for workflow management, choose the one that works seamlessly with other related aspects of your business

The best tool for you to facilitating workflow management that we would recommend is Workflow Max. It is an integrated platform, In addition to solving marketing problems; it covers other factors such as timekeeping, management of customer relationship, invoicing, documents and payments. It has versatile functionalities and functions well for sales and accounting teams as well. If you are particulars about return on investment, the Workflow Max will give you the best satisfaction. You can have a no-risk trial for 14 days

  1. Trifacta Wrangler for Database Hygiene

From your past experiences, you must have observed that your marketing strategy is majorly dependent upon the data selected by you. Take, for instance, the content personalization. Are your audiences careful to fill out your lead capture forms?  You may find some, using all lowercase letters, while some may be using all caps. Consequently, when preparing for your email campaigns, you may find that you are alienating people and endearing them.

Now is the time for you to clean and sanitize your database. Opt for Trifacta Wrangler as your marketing tool, and work quickly on functionalities such as removal or merger of duplicate entries along with taking the quick backup. The special attraction of Wrangler is its free edition which can be performed on a desktop. It is particularly helpful when you intend to working with confidential information prior to uploading the same to the cloud.

  1. Cyfe for Social Media Measurement

Your target company may be active on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram of Google Plus. The productivity of your marketing strategies is measured from the reach of your brand, and the growth of your audience. Cyfe serves the purpose best. It is an integrated dashboard tool the enable you to track statistics related to the demographics on Facebook.  The $19 a month premium plan will allow you access to all the functionalities

4, Survey Monkey for Quality Insights

Conducting a survey can help you reveal a lot many facts and can help you in taking well-informed decisions. But, the data may not speak the reasons why people like it. Survey Monkey will find out the stories lying behind the same.

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