Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

After sales service support is very important to retain the existing customers and garner new clients as well. Satisfied customers will spread a word about your products and services to their friends and relatives. Tech savvy professionals even spread a word about your services and products in social media networks and blogs, thereby improving your sales. Communication thus plays a vital role in improving customer service. Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Benefit from hiring empathetic customer service professionals

The key to offering excellent customer service is through hiring employees, who understand the customer’s requirements and offer the best services. The employees should understand how the customers feel and what they need.

  1. Train employees to use proper English language

The customer service engineers are to be trained to use the proper English language. It helps to successfully communicate with the customers and offer better service. The service professionals should not use any other language in dealing with the customers.

  1. Make use of latest tools for real-time communication

Real-time communication is vital for supporting the customers. The employees can make use of face to face communication, video chat, and telephone to interact the customers. They can also make use of messaging and live chat options to solve the problems at the site.

  1. Reply to the customers in the same channel

You need to communicate with the customers on the same channel. You should not change the channel in communicating with the customers. If they opt for live chat, your customer support executives should interact with customers using live chat option than using a phone. You need not use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook because of privacy concerns. Video chatting is also ideal to get the real picture of the problem and to provide the right solution instantly. Language is very important in offering customer service. Suppose, if the customer is communicating in English and if you talk to them in Hindi or another language, it would not be possible to understand the issue of customer and you won’t be able to provide a right solution. Therefore, the customer service professionals should always use the same channel and same language in communicating with the customers.

  1. Offer customer service for longer hours

If possible, expand the customer service for more hours. You need not provide round the clock service, but offer self-service options to the customers during odd hours. The self-serving options should be simple, easy and effective.

  1. Provide better communication tools for the service professionals

You need to provide latest tools like skype, live web chat, mobile chat, and good quality telephone services for the customer service executives to offer excellent customer service. The customer service professionals should be able to share files with ease via chat or email to solve the issues easily.

They can also ask for the screen shot of the problem from the customer for understanding and solving the issue.

  1. Consider hiring outside experts

If you do not have expert customer service in-house, you can also hire outside professionals to solve the issue. For example, if you have outsourced certain portions of software development, hiring outside experts will help to debug and correct the issues.

What are your views on this? What all measures do you adopt to improve your customer service? Do let us know in the comments!

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